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Attention: Copy A of this form is provided for informational purposes only. Copy A appears in red, similar to the official IRS form. The official printed version of Copy A of this IRS form is scannable,
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Who Needs Form 1099-S?

Form 1099-S is officially called Proceeds from Real Estate Transactions. It is filled out by the person responsible for closing real estate transactions. Generally the form is issued by the title or lending company. If there is no person who has closed the deal, 1099-S is filled out by the person who gets the greatest interest in the property.  A seller to whom Form 1099-S is issued must report real estate transaction on their income tax return.

What is Form 1099-S for?

The sale of the house or other real estate is always connected with some tax implications. The IRS Form 1099-S is used to make sure that seller of the real estate reports the full amount of benefits they get from property sale or transfer.  

Is Form 1099-S Accompanied by Other Forms?

When reporting the home sale also fill out Form 1040 Schedule D and Form 8949.

When is Form 1099-S due?

IRS Form must be sent to the recipient by the 31st of January and filed with the IRS by the 31st of March.

How Do I Fill out Form 1099-S?

IRS Form 1099-S consists of six pages including instructions. Copy A of the form must not be completed. It is used for information purposes only. Copy B can be downloaded and printed to be filled out with the required information. It includes filer’s name, address, transferor’s name and address as well as date of closing, gross proceeds, etc.

Where Do I Send Form 1099-S?

Your completed 1099-S is filed with the IRS.

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Instructions and Help about how to irs form 1099s
You're going to see how to download IRS forms off of their website first you need to get to their website the addresses wwwirsgov govt you can also of course put the IRS website address into your favorites and well be right on your toolbar and thatll be that much quicker once you get to the IRS homepage as we see here there are a number of forms that you can just go straight and click — here's the forms and publications which they call pubs section and if you want one of these you simply have to click on it so here is a 1040 I can click on it, and it will bring it up onto my screen also notice there's a purple bar up above that says please fill out the following form you can save data typed on to this form and so wherever this light blue stuff is I can click there and type on there I can type names addresses numbers into the number lines these forms do not and that subtract multiply divide or calculate anything for you this is simply a typing sort of thing where you have to know all your information before you get onto the form, and you type it on here, and then you can save it once you say that it is saved as a PDF form, and you cannot then bring up the PDF form and alter it again, so you have to have it exactly the way you want it every single number every single everything before you go ahead and save it, you can print out this form you can not type on it, and you can just go ahead and say print and this print will print out a blank 1040, and you could hand right on to it if you wanted to do that for class you can sometimes I do tell you that I want you to type on the form and then bring me the typed one after you print it out, or I sometimes just say well just you know print out the form, and you can handwrite on it or just bring the blank form or whatever to class for those of you in the online section you will either type on it save it as a PDF and upload that onto campus cruiser, or you can print out the form either typed on or not if it's not typed on, and you want to handwrite on it that's fine and then you'll have to scan it in a scanner and attach that to the email or upload it to campus cruiser at that point lets say that one of the forms you want is not necessarily easily bendable right on this little list you can click forms and pubs, and then they give you the choice of current forms or prior year forms, and you could ship click on current forms there's a million forms here and lots of pages of forms so you don't want to have to go page by page you're going to use the search box and so if I wanted in this case a Schedule C I will type in Schedule C and every type of schedule see that there is comes up so there's a Schedule C that goes with the form 1040 a Schedule C EZ that goes with the form 1040 a Schedule C that goes with the 1065 which is a partnership return and a Schedule C that goes with form 5713 and we in these class are working on individual tax returns so well be working with a 1040 there may be instances where C easy...
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